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The Nonlinear Routine

My life feels hectic.  Not because I have a lot of places to be in the day but mostly because I feel as though I have a lot to do.  What I have to do is work that can’t be done here, now, can’t be checked off a list can’t be given credit for can’t be validated immediately and isn’t easy. What I have to do can be crippling—I scare myself sometimes because I realize that I have somehow recognized a very large purpose for myself and truly can’t tell if it’s my own invention or if it’s been given to me.  What I have to do is shapeless, there aren’t guides, aren’t exact examples, no evidence reason logic history that would presuppose what it is that I feel needs to be done. 

How can I ask for help when I don’t even know where I’m trying to get?

In the midst of my hectic feelings I look to my peers, take one step at a time, and learn to trust and take steps back and open myself.  Though I honor and and inspired by those who have lived before me, the people that I see daily that are my age or near it and working towards what they need to do are what maintains my growth. And I thank them daily.

Work, work, work(ing). On myself, on our shared experience, and I know it can be done.

(Re)Generating Community: Radical Coalitions at the Intersections


from the QSOC Conference at Portland State University, May 10

To those of us you who are living in the margins, outliers, intersections I am here to speak to your urgency. It is not something that can be tamed with any amount of white supremacist internalization. Even in…

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